How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

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Got this in an email today...

[Note: by Jose Stevens, Ph.D. ]

The following is a brief description of the characteristics of five basic soul levels. Each level has many lifetimes of lessons to teach us wisdom through trial and error.

INFANT SOULS choose lessons of physical survival. They live in simple situations that include intense experiences - famine, plagues, floods, wars, oppression, etc. They don't know the difference between right and wrong, though they can be taught to be decent human beings. They don't usually seek higher education and often don't seek employment, as such. Infant souls don't question authority and willingly adopt the religion of their parents as is.

BABY SOULS display less fear than infant souls and are more
sophisticated. But they tend to over apply rules. Black is black as far as they're concerned. Their strong early beliefs remain fixed in their minds, regardless of lack of their wisdom or tolerance. Baby souls love to become big fish in their little puddles...but hate being opposed. Because of this they may spend much time in litigation. Baby souls don't spend time navel-gazing into their own lives. They're often "good students" that learn "proper subjects," and are attracted to
fundamentalist religions.

YOUNG SOULS are the "Donald Trumps" of the world...the movers and shakers. They usually set the bar too high for themselves. Achievement is paramount. They chase after what they believe will bring success without ever stopping to think why - because they're so limited in their perception. They fear death and must have all the toys, experiences, fame and money they can possibly accumulate before they die. They are designers of civilization. Young souls usually seek higher education and graduate-level degrees. Their views of orthodoxy are at one end of the spectrum or the other. Monks and nuns are at one end and a belief in total sexual freedom, the other. They have difficulty with insight into other people's behaviour.

MATURE SOULS challenge the young soul's desire to "have it all." It is a hard cycle that demands seeking answers to life's tough questions. They are attracted to gentler faiths, such as Quaker, Unitarian, or Buddhist. Mature souls are not as open to the occult as old souls. They look for and question the motivation for all of life's actions. They often continue with inappropriate relationships - perhaps believing that through self-sacrifice, or tough lessons they will ultimately prevail. Often they can't shake their sense of duty. Mature souls suffer from stress related illness that sometimes results in schizophrenia, psychosis and a higher suicide rate than other souls. [Cayce emphasized the role that `stress' plays in not only physical illnesses but also mental illnesses; he believed it was `stress' that wrecked havoc on the brain chemistry/balance]. But they're smart enough to seek professional help without urging. Mature souls often make huge contributions to knowledge - particularly philosophical and scientific. But altogether they don't necessarily have the drive for fame, many still achieve it. They're emotionally high maintenance.

OLD SOULS live and let live. They seek the route of least
resistance...they're individualistic and usually easy going. They have an inner knowing of the waste of time in pursuing fame and fortune and therefore create the appearance of being "laid back." Old souls are highly competent - even in roles they don't particularly like. They tend to choose work that is pleasant and undemanding, leaving them free to pursue their desired goals easily...unless the job adds to the spiritual search. They may or may not seek higher education... but definitely will seek it if they sense it's needed for their chosen path. Old souls create confidence in animals. And their choice of medical care tends to be alternative and holistic. Old souls are here to teach others their spiritual understandings. Their philosophies and writings are simple and easy to read. Old souls religion is far reaching and has no
label. A grove of trees is a sacred place to them. They seldom cling to dogma and prefer personal spiritual practices. However, old souls are wise enough to be discreet in their religious practices and know how to pass in public undetected. They focus on searching for the spiritual truth and have a finer sense of knowing what is true than any other souls level. Old souls all over the world share the experience of emptiness and a longing for that feeling of home.
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    Mon, January 30, 2006 - 11:55 AM
    Greetings to you all! I just found this tribe "by accident," and it feels so good here. Just thanks for being here. I feel like I needed a friend who understood me, and just by reading some of your thoughts, I see that you know exactly how I feel.

    Here is another way to tell an old soul:

    An Old Soul has many interests and may be quite a generalist. Sometimes, an Old Soul does not find his/her niche until later in life. This is because all those interests can take one here and there and it takes a while to develop a THEME under which all those interests can be brought together.

    Of course, once in a while, the THEME emerges quite early, and the Old Soul is called a "prodigy." This is because the Old Soul has chosen an environment that will immediately incorporate the THEME. ;-)

    Do any of you understand that? :-)
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      Mon, January 30, 2006 - 9:30 PM
      >>An Old Soul has many interests and may be quite a generalist. Sometimes, an Old Soul does not find his/her niche until later in life.<<

      I can identify with that statement - I have enough interests for several people but not enough time for one person to do them all. There are times when I find it difficul to believe that some people really have no hobbies, and that more have just one. One? Can someone's interests be so limited that they only have one hobby?

      All of those interests have led me down that generalist path, which for awhile I thought might be a liability when getting a job. When I was in college, some friends had their career path all mapped out, some were big on their 5 year plan, and I sometimes wondered what might be wrong with me that nothing specific appealed to me, but still felt confident that i'd wind up in the right place.

      Being a generalist has actually been a huge asset - it means I can talk to lots of different types of groups and people and sometimes "interpret" communication between them. After a typically varied journey, I have a "career" in software design and business analysis, which I absolutely love. And when teh computer day is over, I'm out in the yard for the other growing obsession - landscaping. And since one yard isn't enough, I'm helping friends landscape their yards and using them as test beds for design, all of which might lead me to a side or hobby job doing landscape design.

      (of course, landscaping doesn't stop with plants, there's concrete work, tiling, wood work, plumbing, electrical, general construction... )

      OK, who's next?
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        Thu, February 2, 2006 - 11:19 AM
        Hi, Kevin, DO understand, how cool!

        You, I agree with you that being a "Generalist" can be quite an advantage in this day and age.

        I'm thinking that once one has lived many many lives, one can see reality from many facets. One becomes a Multi-dimensional being.

        Here's one of my favorite quotes:

        Specialization is in fact only a fancy form of slavery wherein the 'expert' is fooled into accepting his slavery by making him feel that in return he is in a socially and culturally preferred, ergo, highly secure, lifelong position. But only the king's son receives kingdom-wide scope of training.

        -- R. Buckminster Fuller, "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth"

        I found this quote at a place called "The Creative Generalist."

        It looks quite interesting!

        Myself, I've always been interested in "everything"!! I love to do art, music, writing, crafts. I've studied science, business, politics, astrology, religion. etc. etc. etc. I've finally come to the point to call myself a "Priestess of Creativity, Health, and Prosperity."

        I read a book by Anais Nin, where she said she was torn between art, music and writing. Of course I understood how she felt. I finally chose writing as a focus for my creativity; yet I do art and music when I want to relax!

        • Unsu...

          Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

          Mon, February 27, 2006 - 1:11 PM
          We need never be "torn between" what inspires our soul. 'AND' not 'OR'
          There is so much in life to play with, to learn from, to share and receive......How can we be bored!!
          Maggie, I loved that "Multi-dimensional being
      • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

        Tue, March 18, 2008 - 7:08 PM
        That is cool you could incorporate your love of landscaping and devolop a program.
        heheh...I have several interests myself.
        And I am wanting to back to college but trying to pinpoint what major perplexes me.
        I at one time thought I would go into Psychology.
        I was always asked for advice on things from friends. But it didn't really click for me I do know I want to help others.
        But as I have 4 children now my youngest that has been diagnosed as PDD I am looking for information in this area.
        So who knows this may be where I am being led.

        My other intersts ...Reading, Writing poetry, Listening to music, Singing, Dancing, Photography, Drawing, Decorating,Gardening, Home Repairs, Computers, Web Design, and it just keeps on going....heheh.
        Never enough time for it all.
      • Confused old soul :)

        Thu, February 4, 2010 - 8:30 PM
        I just came across this site, its great! Nice to hear people that remind me of myself, I don't typically come across too many. I have always been told that I'm an old soul, now I have a little better understanding of it. People always think I look younger then I am, but say after they hear me speak, I seem much my age is always a mystery :)

        Currently, I am a hairstylist...and very successful. But I am also in school, just for back-up...half way to my bachelors(for when I get bored of my current profession). My interests are all over the place. I have explored many religions, trying to find myself. I can go from listening to Rap to Tibetan Monks chanting and be perfectly relaxed. I have a million and one professions that I could envision myself doing, and even more places that I want to live. I drive myself insane! I feel like I am never going to be content being in one place doing one thing forever. My friends think I'm a little odd and boring, and given my co-workers/friends want to party all the time, but that's not me. I have grown to be a little bit of a loner, but most people find this odd, because I don't look like someone who would typically fit that description. I just want to know if anyone else here understands what I'm saying, or if I am the only one out there like me.
        • Re: Confused old soul :)

          Mon, November 8, 2010 - 6:33 AM
          Yes. I feel the exact same way. I've always been told I am an old soul. I often wonder why I get so bored easily of things. I am quick to let go and move on to the next thing without thinking about it. My family keep saying I cannot live like this. Always quitting one job and moving on to the next. *sigh* finally there are others out there like me.
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    Tue, April 4, 2006 - 10:56 PM
    good stuff! the michael teachings delve quite deep into soul age and its affect on one's tendencies in life...i think all the concepts are available online. i just thought i'd bring up that while one may see themselves as falling into a particular soul age, it is important to remember that being an old soul is in no way inherently better than being a young soul, etc. just as an old man can have many years behind him and yet be cold toward the world, a young soul can lack experience yet fully embrace and love those around him/her. one can be an old soul, having incarnated through many lifetimes and still not have learned the proper lessons. i'm sure (and i hope) many people realize this. its only human and natural to categorize and define as better, higher, lower so i just thought i'd bring awareness to it. the ego's attachment to identity can be a great obstacle..
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      Sun, April 30, 2006 - 10:29 AM
      <the ego's attachment to identity can be a great obstacle.. >

      Absolutely, Ryan! I just enjoy these distinctions of soul age to give me peace and more understanding of myself and other people. You wouldn't expect a 5-year-old to be able to understand quantum mechanics. So I can rest easy and stop trying to get my mother to understand why I am a spiritual "seeker." For some reason, it really bothers her. And she wants me to have money, too. She worries about me constantly because I've never been interested in pursuing money. So I no longer have to worry about that, either. I don't have to save my sister's marriage because she causes so much trouble in it--she's in that soul age where she's experimenting with the boundaries of relationship. I'm saying that these distinctions help me understand and relax.

      Also, I would never expect an intimate relationship to go anywhere if my partner wasn't an old soul, either. I would never be able to share the deepest parts of my heart and be understood. So these distinctions help me to find a better partner for myself, should I be interested in that.
  • well, im not too sure you can fit all the possibilities into just a few catagories....there are some imbetweens....and some younger souls than the infant.......sometimes there is just the "there" souls.
    and then there are souls that are beyond ancient, they were the first creations of god, and i think.....the hippies, and tree huggers, were once the souls part of earth it's self and one day, the earth will be just a couple of souls.
    i dunno, im probibly just babbling.

    call it wat u will......the whole infant to old soul is really just an estimation of age.....
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    Sat, August 25, 2007 - 3:23 AM
    Thank you for this site. Over the past several years, I have been told by people that they can tell by looking in my eyes that I have an "Old Soul". As Intriguing and flattering as this might be (not to mention a little scary) I finally decided to do some research on the subject. Reading your piece on the different types of souls, I can definitely say that I am not an old soul. I find myself to still be somewhat critical of society and where I see it going. This is a feeling I have had since I was ten years old. It just might mean that I have just been a curmudgeon most of my life, hahaha! I thank you so much for your research and writing on this subject.
    • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

      Mon, September 17, 2007 - 10:26 AM
      This is luscious. Sometimes I just don't get where other people are comming from - with their tensions and senseless pursuits. Thank you. I am currently arriving at a cycle of life where these answers are comming in clear formats, like the ten worlds in Buddhism. It makes me laugh and puts things into clear perspective for me reading the difference between the mature and the old. I am no doubt old in all that I am. I also, though, feel like we were born at a critical time. We have lived many lives as old souls, and now we must DO something. We must take action in order to save our planet and our species and our beautiful beautiful wonders. At the same time, we must EVOLVE people at an incredible rate.

      I feel that we are living in a time much like Hitlers Germany. And if all of us old souls do what comes naturally - lovingly sitting in our sacred groves and discussing/commencing/loving others like ourselves in blissful retreatest harmony, only 30% of what needs done will be done. It is time to act, and sometimes it is stressful and feels like I have slipped into the mature realm. The trick is to know what our individual missions are. Some of us old souls should be sitting under the proverbial Bodhi tree. Some of us have harder work to accomplish. It is important to remember, during this difficult work to always keep your center - knowing that everything happens in its due course, knowing that the Earth will survive, knowing that we cannot save everyone, and knowing that there is no black and white. There is only a center of perfect harmony everywhere all at once.
      • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

        Tue, September 18, 2007 - 9:30 AM
        An old soul is in general someone who keeps making the same mistakes. Nothing to be too proud of because it means you are simply stuck on repeat.
        Because once you are really old and have suffered enough, you start to see the light and you get it and then you get out of it.
        If you are still there getting buried in your own patterns it means that you didn't. By now, you have accumulated enough energy to dig your own grave with your patterns and live very interesting lives.
        This the end pattern of learning through pain and the starting learning through wisdom not wisdoom.
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    Tue, September 18, 2007 - 10:56 AM
    An Old Soul can be a slow learner in some ways and a prodigy in others! Many "geniuses" are Old Souls who still haven't learned how to function from their Heart. (For an example, study Einstein's private life....or even Ghandi's!!!)

    Perhaps the term "Old Soul" should be changed to "Big Soul" because it is made up of many lives! :-) Perhaps some old souls simply want to keep reincarnating because they love life so very much!

    Some of us have learned most of our lessons, but we stick around for other reasons. Perhaps we were here at the beginning and want to see how it all works out!

    But I agree with Star that we are here to ACT in some way. If you are an Old Soul, though, you realize that you can make a huge difference with just a "little" action. You just have to know where to put it! ;-) And that's the TRICK, isn't it?

    I wonder, too, about Souls. Maybe some Souls can combine (in love) and incarnate as One? Maybe that keeps happening until everyone is combined into ONE! :-)

    And then the cycle starts all over again! Because variety is the spice of life! The Life Force is endlessly creative.....
    • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

      Tue, September 18, 2007 - 1:33 PM
      >>I wonder, too, about Souls. Maybe some Souls can combine (in love) and incarnate as One? Maybe that keeps happening until everyone is combined into ONE! :-) <<

      I've often thought that this is the function of so-called "soul families" and "soul groups."
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        Sat, September 22, 2007 - 8:35 AM
        Yes, there is material on that from the Seth material (animals of a litter joining together as one gestalt) and Judy Hall refers to the whole aspect in her book on souls.

        "Soul families" and "soul groups" are a different notion. They sometimes work as support system and "soulmates" of which there is a variety can give you a hard time if you need to learn something along these lines.

        Consciousness is a complex and bumpy road. We lay the land.
        • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

          Wed, October 10, 2007 - 2:28 PM
          This is how I realize I am on Old Soul: I remember. My brain is full of Very Old Stuff that I remember in doing things and being places. I remember Vietnam. I remember Deutschland. I remember Tibet. I remember Jerusalem when it was a metropolis (for its time). I remember being not-human. I remember breathing freaking WATER! I remember a place that was Not Earth. I hear languages mad in sounds that a human throat cannot enunciate. The weight of time often drags on me. I have of late learned to "let go." And yes, I usually hang out with those I've known before. Attraction of like-to-like. And then we end up driving each other crazy.
          • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

            Wed, November 7, 2007 - 10:09 AM
            For years I tried to find my own power animal. I could see other people's very clearly, but my own was a mystery, except the lion I barely remember being, and the guides which have obviously become part of me. THEN, as I was brushing my teeth, this huge past life regression happened and I remembered almost all of my lifetime as a CAMEL! How fun, it is my clearest and longest past life memory. Than you for bringing up the topic of animals, Radu!
        • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

          Thu, October 11, 2007 - 7:25 AM
          Yes, and sometimes different authors and teachers define these terms in different ways. For instance, in his book "The Tenth Insight," James Redfield defines "soul group" as a spiritual group of your "past selves" that are available to advise you in your present life.

          My own "soul group" is made up of my favorite past-life selves, and ones that I consider more knowledgeable or wise than most. Every so often, another one pops up and gives me some insight or wisdom that I didn't know before.

          With Old Souls, soul-groups could be very unwieldy if you include ALL your past lives at once! So I choose the ones that seem to have the most relevance to THIS life.

          As Jane Roberts (and Seth) say: "The Power is in the Present." The purpose of past-life remembrance or Soul Group communication is to improve THIS PRESENT LIFE.
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Thu, November 22, 2007 - 8:49 PM

    Deep Bowes ~

    Yet I would say:
    We are often 'mixed': part of us is younger, part older.

    And we can grow (evolve) ourselves too, '"growing ourselves up"
    Meditation does this nicely, I believe.

    Also - there are "Ancient Souls"...the Buddha's
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Tue, December 4, 2007 - 4:36 PM
    This categorization seems hierarchical.. which is something I'm not so sure applies to souls. Maybe even a bit self-satisfying. In the sense that it would seem to automatically regard all those wonderful spiritual seekers here on tribes as mature or old souls.

    Also, when reading about the old souls description, I'm reminded of the archetype of the (indian) shaman.. but so many ancient, wise teachers have lead very rough or achievement-oriented lives at first. The Young-Mature-Old soul seems more like the transitions which we make in our own life stories (I am reminded of Dan McAdams narrative psychology for instance) as we eventually grow to transmit that which we've learned.

    I'm curious to know how Jose Stevens developed these insights, and if people recognize this from their own experiences or sources of knowledge.
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Thu, December 20, 2007 - 6:35 AM
    I really think old, OLD souls tend to feel (at least at first) a sense of being an outcast like they don't belong here. AT least that is what I've been told from various healers and it makes a lot of sense to me. The fact that they feel like an outcast to me, means that they are working and thinking at a much more advanced level and feel more isolated as a result. I also think they have a greater desire to do good in the world eg. have a career of doing good and are much less motivated by: gee how much money can I make in this?
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Tue, November 25, 2008 - 8:32 PM
    you are wise grandson. You see but how many will speak what you say? How many will love when there is no reason to love? How many will follow your words? If you take a stick and punch a dog, how many times will the dog remember why you punched him> Or will he just remember that you punched him? The time will come when you must take many under your arm. Will your arms open for their bodies? Or will you set them aside? A two soul is coming.
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Thu, January 22, 2009 - 12:09 PM
    My mother made a comment that challenged my thought/perceptions on reincarnation. I still ponder it.
    She said "I don't feel like I have to die to be reincarnated. I feel like I am living all of my lives in one lifetime."
    This got me thinking. Maybe we die and are reborn in sections and areas on going.
    Just as the cells in our boides are all at different stages of growing and/or dying...
    Maybe we purge ourselves in sections and are reborn in sections...
    I look back and see parts of the me I was and know that part of me has definitely died,
    only to be replaced with an new-and-improved/evolved version.
    I also see parts of me that are laid to rest. Gone. And I am better for it.
    Last, there are also parts of me that are the eternal student... open to life as if each day was my first...
    as if I am born into new exsistance with each new experience and discovering new parts of myself....

    I just get this vision of our it possible that they could be like our bodies in the respect that each body part functions as it's independent self, yet they also all work together collectively....
    With that, maybe there are parts of our souls in all of the stages above...some more in one state than the other...
    the concept of life evolves around many series of beginnings and endings doesnt it?
    Emotionally, relationally, physically...why not spiritually/our souls as well?
    I know, deep stuff.
    Just something to think about....
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Fri, February 5, 2010 - 12:34 PM
    I have a very different view point. Sorry.
    The difference between a new and old soul is simply - Addictive personality-
    Not for drugs or anything as I'm talking in the spiritual. Addicted to being in this existence. You know how hard it is to do something the longer you are away from it? Imagine the last time you were here in this world was a couple of hundred years ago on the other side of the world. Imagine how hard it would be to comprehend everything. You would be perceived as a very young soul.
    Then imagine you are the Dali Lama, no sooner dead than reborn into another body. Always here and how easy it is to pick up where you left off. Appearance, OLD soul.
    My belief is non linear. This is something of this existence, not that of beyond. There, is forever in all directions and that is a hard concept to grasp, so don't bother as you're not supposed to. We, as souls are one and forever. We ARE the other side.
    • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

      Sat, February 6, 2010 - 6:48 AM
      Gerard writes:
      >I have a very different view point. Sorry.
      >The difference between a new and old soul is simply - Addictive personality-

      Well, you certainly have the right to your viewpoint, Gerard. However, my spiritual path teaches that we enjoy being with our loved ones and sharing this beautiful life with them. If that is addictive, well, I think it's like my being addicted to yoghurt....pretty good addiction! Ha ha!

      And this doesn't mean that we don't meet and interact with other souls outside our soul-family. We do! And we often bring them into our "family" too. The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned!


      Yes, we are multi-dimensional, and time is simply a dimension. (See my above article about the Oversoul) We are endlessy creative, and we can be creative on a small palette or a large one.....the choice is ours, and ever is ours. For the good of all, according to free will.
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Sat, September 4, 2010 - 7:50 AM
    Thanks for the post. It's the best explanation I've found, so far, for my experiences in this life of being considered different. I actually do not feel so different until others get annoyed with me for my views.

    Since earliest childhood, I have had certain inner convictions. Among them is a deep knowing that pursuit of money, possessions, and noteriety for their own sake is empty ambition. I knew early on that the goals that mattered to me related to developing inner peace and becoming highly tolerant, kind, and compassionate toward others. My interest in developing these qualities led me to become a social worker and a spiritual hypnotherapist.

    I consider myself to be a peaceful person. I don't insist that others share my beliefs and nonbeliefs. Every day, I try my very best to be tolerant of others. However, I often find that when people realize that I don't give much of a hoot for the latest fashions, don't prize materials possessions, and that I become deeply saddened by intolerance of any kind, they become defensive and hostile with me. They really want me to get excited about outlet shopping or become a Presbyterian or to be very jealous of their new car. When I don't react the way they expect, I think that people assume that I don't respect their priorities. Many people become personally insulted by the quiet expression of my inherent beliefs. I used to try and explain myself, but ended up sounding self-righteous. So, I simply try and live my life by my own principles and help others when I can.

    I've gotten better at choosing close friends, those who understand where I am coming from and have a similar orientation. Those who won't drag me to Lord and Taylor's or a keg party. They are few and far between, but that's okay. One good friend at a time is all that is needed, I think.

    I have suffered from chronic self-loathing because of my "differentness." I've tried to understand it by applying the labels "ADD" and "Personality-Disordered" to myself with fabric glue. I'd rather think of myself as an old soul, someone who has been around for long enough to grow tired of some of the earthly pursuits that have led to so much violence and hatred, and to champion love and compassion in the world.
  • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Sun, January 2, 2011 - 4:35 AM
    I'm not sure if I'm a old soul or just on the very edge of being one. I've often felt as if I don't belong in this era. I've gone to places I know for a fact I have never been yet know where I am..or feel at peace...there are times I'm some place and feel I was there when someone died. I seen a picture of my great- great grandmother at my grandmother's house...she put my hair up then with tears in her eyes she said..that's you from your past. I thought what an odd thing to say...I had just met her after years of my parents being divorced. When we first seen each other I was 17 my brother was 18...she looked in our eyes..then after words she looked at me and told me "it's good that you are back now you are needed". I spent the night with her that night and she showed me the picture.
    A lot of things in my life have felt Mom always called me "miss independent"....a few years ago at my dad's with all 5 of his children there he told me "I've never worried about you like I do the others because you have a independent soul" My oldest brother didn't seem to like that..he said "WELL!!" Dad said it wasn't anything bad it was just that I was like him we just have old souls..again I'm thinking what an odd thing to say

    I often feel alone...but then at times it feels comfortable ..

    I often know things I shouldn't know.....

    I typed up my mother -in - law's divorce for her..and stood with her in front of the judge...I've never been to law school
    yet I felt comfortable doing it..

    Someone can call me and tell me they are sick...tell me the symptoms and I can tell them what is wrong..I never been to school for that..never even read medical books

    I seem to pick up on things family live in a different state..I know when something is going's like I see some things before thay happen

    I know how to make things..I know how to sew..nobody in my family sews

    I feel as if I've lived during troubled times..maybe the depression..I tend to stock pile things other people think is crazy. I tend to have a need to be prepared.. at times overly prepared. I've been told I have OCD because I like to have everything in order..not perfect just order. I was told I'm a day dreamer when I was younger but I never day dreamed..I watched what I would call old movies with me in them

    Am I an old soul?? I just crazy???
    • Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

      Sun, January 2, 2011 - 8:22 AM
      Hi, Renee,

      Sounds like you are an "old soul," for sure. At the very least, you have strong memories of past lives and you have been able to bring skills and talents from key lives into the present. Remember, always, that "the present is the point of power" and that you have been able to bring these old skills into the present in order to make positive changes in the present for yourself, for those you love, and for the world.

      You seem like a person with many layers and many complexities....who has learned to align all of these in order to live graciously and gracefully in the here and now.

      One special point, it also sounds like you have a strong link to your family line and are there, partially, to bring the family gifts to fruition.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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    Fri, August 26, 2011 - 12:59 PM
    Finally a group of folks who understand the way I think & function. So many of you have confirmed several traits of "me" that I often have been confused and frustrated over. Some of the replies mentioned, Starting late in life to find your 'theme' or 'niche' ... being well versed in several activities, categories, professions, or job trades, and being able to socialize, communicate, and get along with virtually anyone. Through those interactions, do you folks often find others opening up to you right away? Telling you private info or offering secrets that would normally be given to a good friend or family member in confidence? Also, do any of you often feel frustrated, bothered, or annoyed when interacting with people? Whether it be general conversation at social gatherings or working with the public through a profession? I've been in the healthcare/medical industry, always at a capacity helping people, but had to switch scenes into an administrative role because I simply did not want to work with patients anymore (Pain Management/Rehab & as a Medic). I hope I am not perceived as negative for these inquiries, I just dont know if it is an old-soul trait to be somewhat jaded or easily put off as you age. In my adolescent, Teens, and Twenties, I had a lot of patience that would allow me to accomplish nearly any task, last in situations and conversations that most others would fold in. However, in my 30's... I can seldom resist the urge to politely or tactfully excuse myself.
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      Sat, August 27, 2011 - 5:45 AM
      Hi, Brandon,

      Yes, I've felt all those things you've described. And yes, these can be signs you are an Old Soul.

      Have you done any Past Life work? It really helps if you can remember some past lives and then find the "theme" to what your Soul and Sp[irit have been trying to accomplish on this planet.

      I think we sometimes get impatient with others who are still learning many of the lessons we have finished with. But I think it also helps us to remember ourselves when we were "younger souls," and when we remember how (sometimes) stupid and immature we have been in the past, we develop compassion and patience with these young ones.....

      Another reason to remember past lives is to glean the knowledge and bring back some of the skills we have acquired through our past lives. It is not necessary to remember every single past life and all the different details. What IS good to remember are the lives that directly impact this (present) one and the reasons we have chosen to incarnate in the here and now.

      I suggest working with a trusted Past Life Regressionist. If you can't find one, then do your own work, with a book like:

      __Discovering Your Past Lives__ by Gloria Chadwick

      Or a similar book. (the above book is my favorite!)

      We have been incarnated at this very special time to help humanity (and ourselves) move to a higher level of consciousness. As an Old Soul, it is important to KNOW THYSELF. Know where your passions lie, and follow the path brings you joy and peace of mind.

      I find, with my own experiences with other people, that the people who come to me with their "problems" are often people whom I have wronged in past lives. They are giving me a chance to make up for the wrongs I have done to them, even if the wrongs were small. I don't have to help them. Simply by being kind and open, by LISTENING, one can make a great deal of difference in peoples' lives.

      AND, I find, that when I truly LISTEN, I not only give them a chance to make contact with their inner selves....but I also learn something that does MY soul some good!

      One thing that helps me listen better is to use a method or system of Wisdom that reflects the Inner Wisdom of each person who comes to Tarot or Astrology or I Ching or Runes, etc. That way, I can bring Wisdom to that person without getting personally entrenched in their personal karma this time around.
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        Mon, September 5, 2011 - 1:02 PM
        Hello =)

        And thank you for your reply! Yes I indeed have had numerous life experiences & confirmations in subconsciousness exploration, of past lives. Frankly, I cannot narrow it down from self-help and must seek advice from a professional but religious views block me from seeking my awareness and answers. I must apologize for my run-on sentences and poor grammar, but something this passionate and to the heart, makes me want to fire off thoughts quicker than my hands can keep up with. You know? from my teens to my 20's I was always ahead of the curve, but it seems that in my 30's I have gone completely backwards. Always in a professional and/or medical role, from an early age- I've always been ahead of the curve, but totally lost touch with the patients i would work with. I was an EMT, Medical assistant, Surgical Tech & an Orthopedic pre-post/op Tech for Pain mngt and Rehab. I can honestly say that I felt disappointment and disgust for how people conduct themselves, in my career and resigned. Even my social life normal conversations would sometimes leave an awful taste in my mouth. From an early age I've always been told I am an old soul, Im from Irish and Mexican Decent and being a Christian these thoughts go against all that I have been brought up to be or believe. So Aside from Dreams & life experience "clicks" which always lead to a common ground I have no hard evidence that I am an old soul. I might want to assume that old souls tend to be narcissistic
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          Mon, September 5, 2011 - 5:41 PM
          well Brandon I have no idea wheather or not it has anything to do with being an old soul or not .... however I find in my old age that those I was very close to in school or work have fallen by the way with no contact point ! I now find that I wish it were different . At the time I never worried about furture contact , sort of a " well I will see them again soooo ...."
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    Re: How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

    Wed, December 21, 2011 - 8:44 AM
    Wow. I know this is an older post, but I was just directed to this site after doing a search on old souls and animals after hearing someone say you must have an old sould because of the response an animal gave a guy in a tv show. I've been told that small children and animals take a liking to me, and I felt a certain peace come over me while reading this article. I've been made fun of many times because I'm not stable as others, and I've yet to find my niche. I haven't been in the same vocation for years like most people and I could be in bartending school one minute and audio recording school the next, while my passion is basketball the whole time. Some see it as being a free spirit, while most call it being indecisive, lazy, a dreamer, irresponsible, ect. Reading this really gave me an understanding, and hearing likeminded individuals responding really gave me a good feeling. I felt not so alone, you know? Thanks.
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    Fri, September 14, 2012 - 12:59 PM
    i came across this post on my endless search, and i am very glad i did! i was told a few times in my past i was an old soul. as of late i was told that my soul is "young" and that i have much to learn. this is true, i do have much to learn.... but all of us have much to learn. finding that i am not a young soul nor an old soul relieves me, i am a MATURE soul. i like the sound of that!
    i do challenge young souls and their need to obtain "wordly" fame, riches and "power" (not real power as that comes from within and it is not understood as it should be). i question everything! how will i learn and grow if i do not?!
    i am not much one for organized religion, but have learned about many faiths. taking and listening to what each offers as an answer. i highly respect buddahists and have been drawn to befriend a few wiccans.
    i have had relationships that may on the surface seemed ill advised by many, but i always knwe there was a reason for them. my love, their love, our love was a powerful force....but many have ended in disaster (not one was regretted!! used as lessons in life) . i am aware that we come into this world alone and that is how we will leave it. not everyone will agree with mythought, but it is what i firmly believe. but that is only on the physical plane, we are not alone in any other sense.
    i can not say i have had a stress related illness, but i have allowed stress to factor into my daily decision making and usually the outcome is not the best. i know when i need to take time to have a "mental health moment" in order to re-evaluate the situation and move on from there. the last part is especcially true, i AM high emotional maintainence! my emotions are like deep rivers.

    thank you for allowing me to discover this amazing bit of knowledge :)
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      "Not always... The Buddhists call some old souls Bodhisattvas. These are enlightened souls who come back for "the children," in an attempt to help others become enlightened as well. "

      The term bodhisattva means several things.
      It can mean a Buddhist vow to universal service.
      It can mean a Buddhist angel.
      It can mean someone like the Dalai Lama.

      There is also what is called a Mahabodhisattva.
      Examples are Manjusri, Vajrapani, and Avalokitesvara.
      I have given extensive teachings for all three on Tribe.

      I am a bodhisattva teacher. I give bodhisattva vows, and also tantric vows.

      From a Buddhist standpoint, everyone is an "old soul".
      From the Buddhist standpoint, the difference is the level of awareness and responsibility.

      I recommend two books of bodhisattva teachings:
      "Heartfelt Advice" by Lama Dudjom Dorjee
      and the second, more difficult, but totally profound
      "Dakini Teachings" by Padmasambhava.

      98% of the Buddhist teaching on is by my hand. It is comprehensive and provides many key references.
      See my tribe listings.

      E.G. :

      "North American + European Buddha of Compassion ( Avalokitesvara ) Initiations / How to Expand Lovingkindness and Compassion"

      "Healing Practice Open To All Everywhere : Medicine Buddha Shared Chant June & July 2014 | With Extensive Resources"

      Buddha Amitabha Pure Land Practice

      Gimme Shelter! The Guardian Angel Diamond Dagger / Vajrakilaya : Empowerments, Teachings, and Practice Resources

      Expecto Patronum! Ganesha / Ganapati "Lord of Obstacles" / The Elephant Headed God, Propitiated by mantra to remove obstacles.

      And this tribe, like so many others, is now powerfully connected to the Buddhist teaching, mantra and tantra.
      Someone has to know how this stuff works.


      In Mahāyāna Buddhism
      Bodhisattva ideal

      Mahāyāna Buddhism is based principally upon the path of a bodhisattva. According to Jan Nattier, the term Mahāyāna ("Great Vehicle") was originally even an honorary synonym for Bodhisattvayāna, or the "Bodhisattva Vehicle."[12] The Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra contains a simple and brief definition for the term bodhisattva, which is also the earliest known Mahāyāna definition.[13][14] This definition is given as the following.[15]

      Because he has enlightenment as his aim, a bodhisattva-mahāsattva is so called.

      Mahāyāna Buddhism encourages everyone to become bodhisattvas and to take the bodhisattva vows. With these vows, one makes the promise to work for the complete enlightenment of all sentient beings by practicing the six perfections.[16] Indelibly entwined with the bodhisattva vow is merit transference (pariṇāmanā).

      In Mahāyāna Buddhism life in this world is compared to people living in a house that is on fire. People take this world as reality pursuing worldly projects and pleasures without realizing that the house is on fire and will soon burn down (due to the inevitability of death). A bodhisattva is one who has a determination to free sentient beings from samsara and its cycle of death, rebirth and suffering. This type of mind is known as the mind of awakening (bodhicitta). Bodhisattvas take bodhisattva vows in order to progress on the spiritual path towards buddhahood.

      There are a variety of different conceptions of the nature of a bodhisattva in Mahāyāna. According to some Mahāyāna sources a bodhisattva is someone on the path to full Buddhahood. Others speak of bodhisattvas renouncing Buddhahood. According to the Kun-bzang bla-ma'i zhal-lung, a bodhisattva can choose any of three paths to help sentient beings in the process of achieving buddhahood. They are:

      king-like bodhisattva - one who aspires to become buddha as soon as possible and then help sentient beings in full fledge;
      boatman-like bodhisattva - one who aspires to achieve buddhahood along with other sentient beings and
      shepherd-like bodhisattva - one who aspires to delay buddhahood until all other sentient beings achieve buddhahood. Bodhisattvas like Avalokiteśvara and Śāntideva are believed to fall in this category.

      According to the doctrine of some Tibetan schools (like Theravāda but for different reasons), only the first of these is recognized. It is held that Buddhas remain in the world, able to help others, so there is no point in delay. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso notes:[17]

      In reality, the second two types of bodhicitta are wishes that are impossible to fulfill because it is only possible to lead others to enlightenment once we have attained enlightenment ourself. Therefore, only king-like bodhicitta is actual bodhicitta. Je Tsongkhapa says that although the other Bodhisattvas wish for that which is impossible, their attitude is sublime and unmistaken.

      The Nyingma school, however, holds that the lowest level is the way of the king, who primarily seeks his own benefit but who recognizes that his benefit depends crucially on that of his kingdom and his subjects. The middle level is the path of the boatman, who ferries his passengers across the river and simultaneously, of course, ferries himself as well. The highest level is that of the shepherd, who makes sure that all his sheep arrive safely ahead of him and places their welfare above his own.[18]
      Ten grounds

      According to many traditions within Mahāyāna Buddhism, on the way to becoming a Buddha, a bodhisattva proceeds through ten, or sometimes fourteen, grounds or bhūmis. Below is the list of the ten bhūmis and their descriptions according to the Avataṃsaka Sūtra and The Jewel Ornament of Liberation, a treatise by Gampopa, an influential teacher of the Tibetan Kagyu school. (Other schools give slightly variant descriptions.)

      Before a bodhisattva arrives at the first ground, he or she first must travel the first two of the five paths:

      the path of accumulation
      the path of preparation

      The ten grounds of the bodhisattva then can be grouped into the next three paths

      bhūmi 1 the path of insight
      bhūmis 2-7 the path of meditation
      bhūmis 8-10 the path of no more learning

      The chapter of ten grounds in the Avataṃsaka Sūtra refers to 52 stages. The 10 grounds are:

      Great Joy: It is said that being close to enlightenment and seeing the benefit for all sentient beings, one achieves great joy, hence the name. In this bhūmi the bodhisattvas practice all perfections (pāramitās), but especially emphasizing generosity (dāna).
      Stainless: In accomplishing the second bhūmi, the bodhisattva is free from the stains of immorality, therefore, this bhūmi is named "stainless". The emphasized perfection is moral discipline (śīla).
      Luminous: The third bhūmi is named "luminous", because, for a bodhisattva who accomplishes this bhūmi, the light of Dharma is said to radiate for others from the bodhisattva. The emphasized perfection is patience (kṣānti).
      Radiant: This bhūmi is called "radiant", because it is said to be like a radiating light that fully burns that which opposes enlightenment. The emphasized perfection is vigor (vīrya).
      Very difficult to train: Bodhisattvas who attain this bhūmi strive to help sentient beings attain maturity, and do not become emotionally involved when such beings respond negatively, both of which are difficult to do. The emphasized perfection is meditative concentration (dhyāna).
      Obviously Transcendent: By depending on the perfection of wisdom, [the bodhisattva] does not abide in either saṃsāra or nirvāṇa, so this state is "obviously transcendent". The emphasized perfection is wisdom (prajñā).
      Gone afar: Particular emphasis is on the perfection of skillful means (upāya), to help others.
      Immovable: The emphasized virtue is aspiration. This, the "immovable" bhūmi, is the bhūmi at which one becomes able to choose his place of rebirth.
      Good Discriminating Wisdom: The emphasized virtue is power.
      Cloud of Dharma: The emphasized virtue is the practice of primordial wisdom.

      After the ten bhūmis, according to Mahāyāna Buddhism, one attains complete enlightenment and becomes a Buddha.
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        Simply put, the Bodhisattva teaching, which is pure and good and noble, will always be opposed.
        Many will try to tear it down, and trash the Bodhisattva-yana teachers.
        People try to attack the Dalai Lama all the time.
        My posts for the Dalai Lama were attacked on many many tribes.

        I get a lot of flack on Tribe.
        Example follows.

        But with patience and strategy and higher consciousness, the good guys often win.
        Of the ninety tribes where I posted for the Dalai Lama, and the twenty where these were attacked, I have completely cleared away the obstacles and crushed the various trolls.

        Except for the evil new moderator of the very major key Tribe NYC, who is anti-United Nations, anti Nobel Peace Laureate, anti-free speech, and anti-Dalai Lama.
        That guy we simply have to replace.

        I'll need ten people for that. So that is a severity one issue, but otherwise Tribe is in fairly good shape.
        I get the job done.


        Oh, yes, as promised...

        Did you graduate from sixth grade? Doesn't look like it. Moderator, I'm calling a red flag here.

        Sorry Dan,

        You are wrong wrong wrong. As well as abusive.

        My listings are well read.

        This one is read 7800 times and climbing:

        Love, Magic and the Goddess Kurukulle ( Buddhist Red Tara ) : Teaching and Empowerment / Reference texts on Tara and Kurukulle practice (Seattle)
        7852 views since posting on Thursday, December 6, 2012

        This one is read 8200 times and climbing:

        UPDATED comprehensive teaching article: Tantric Buddhist Empowerments and Teachings and Retreats - Nationwide USA and India ( Winter 2012 - Spring 2013 ) (SF Bay Area)
        8245 views since posting on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

        Your spelling is atrocious!
        Saying things like "advertize it", "persieve". And I found stacks of grammatical errors on your tribe page too!

        Did you graduate from sixth grade? Doesn't look like it.

        Of course Buddhists seek to remove error and to prove falsehood and ignorance to be wrong.

        Am keeping this response to deal with you later, since you called me a liar.
        Very bad karma for you.

        Good news is that everybody here now knows you are an abusive jerk as well completely uneducated.
        And yes defeating you gives me a lot of credibility.

        You are witless and easily defeated. Clueless people like you should learn to stop fighting.
        Facts trump opinions. And these two listings taken together HAVE been read over sixteen thousand times.
        As the Tribe listings prove. Even though you yourself Dan are completely blind to the facts here.

        People love my stuff.
        They don't love anti-social trolls like you.
        You're the dishonest one, not me.

        You Lose Troll Dan.

        licensed Buddhist spiritual doctor
        Pipe Carrier of the Lakota Sioux